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Preguntas Frequentes Drive Caster

P: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Capacidad de Carga y Capacidad de Conducción?

Weight capacity of a caster is how much weight that individual caster is rated to carry before a risk of some type of failure. Drive capacity is how much total weight (cart plus load) a single drive caster can move in a straight line, on a smooth surface. If you require turning or a surface that is uneven, cracked, has debris or is imperfect in other ways, reduce the drive force by 50%, or add a second drive caster to achieve the same drive capacity.

P: ¿Qué Se Incluye en una Rodaja Motorizada (Drive Caster™)?

The drive caster includes the drive caster and a motor. The motor has a wiring for connection to a battery and a logic controller, these are not included. A drive caster will require the integration of additional components to be functional. If you require assistance with integration, our subsidiary can help create a complete solution for your needs.

P: ¿Cuáles son mis opciones para maniobrar con una Rodaja Motorizada?

Drive caster motors support Tank style steering, it requires two drive casters, one motor would be in reverse while the other pushes forward. Tank steering minimizes the amount of space needed to turn.

P: ¿Cuántas Rodajas Motorizadas puedo colocar en un carro?

All the casters on a cart could be drive casters, we suggest using rigid casters as drive casters first, if additional power is needed, swivel casters can be replaced with drive casters, turning would have to be done with Tank steering (see steering options above). Most carts have two rigid casters, however some unique applications may use more. Keep in mind that the size of the battery should increase as additional drive casters are integrated.

P: ¿Puede la Drive Caster™ operar en piso que no es completamente liso (por ejemplo: Agrietado, desigual, escombros, umbrales, etc.)?

Yes, however operating in an environment where there are flooring conditions that are not completely smooth will reduce drive capacity by as much as 50%. We can configure a solution that will resolve these challenges and provide optimal performance. Please make your representative aware of any flooring issues.

P: ¿Existen opciones para Ruedas y Placas Superiores en la Drive Caster™?

Sí, la rodaja motorizada está disponible con numerosas ofertas de ruedas y placas superiores. Las ruedas son de poliuretano sobre hierro fundido, existen varias fórmulas de poliuretano que se pueden utilizar. El poliuretano apropiado está determinado por su aplicación y su entorno. Los tamaños de rueda son de 5”, 6”, 8” y 10” de diámetro con un ancho de 2″.

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