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Caster Concepts Polyurethane Formulations Make the Difference


Polyurethane on Cast Iron are the most common wheels used in industrial caster applications. Cast Iron wheels are extremely durable and rugged, and capable of carrying heavy loads, loads as great as 11,000 lbs on a single high density thick tread polyurethane wheel. Our standard density polyurethane caster wheels have a maximum load capacity of 5,000 lbs.

Caster Concepts has developed custom polyurethane formulations (see chart below) to conquer the most common challenges in manufacturing and industrial environments. We process polyurethane in our facility, we are one of very few caster manufacturers that do so. Allowing us to maximize quality and flexibility, ensuring you get the best tread formulation for your specific challenge.

Caster Concepts, in partnership with leading producers of polyurethane prepolymers, is continually working to develop products for a wide range of specific needs. While there are standard “go to” products that work in a variety of applications, Caster Concepts is expanding its market reach by applying its application knowledge to solve tough performance applications in a variety of industries.

Tread Materials – Polyurethane Caster Wheels

Bearing Types

08200-66-19-100x100T/R 85 Tread Polyurethane

This material produces a 85A durometer wheel that resists the accumulation of metal chips, sheet metal screws, and foreign objects often found in manufacturing facilities. The high rebound of this material provides increased rollability in ergonomic in-plant applications, and has become a favorite in production line delivery systems across the country.


08200-56-19-100x100T/R 95 Tread Polyurethane

T/R 95 offers the strength and durability of a standard 95A durometer poly, while achieving some ergonomic benefits, a high tear resistance and longer wear life. This formulation achieves good solvent and oil resistance, and is non marking.


Standard Polyurethane08200-68-19-100x100

Caster Concepts’ standard durometer 95A polyurethane is easy to identify by its maroon color. This material is economical, provides, lower rolling resistance than rubber wheels and protects flooring from damage and scuffing, while maintaining the hard durometer needed for industrial applications.


08200-90-19-100x100HPPT Polyurethane

Caster Concepts has worked to develop a line of polyurethane caster wheels that will withstand the rigors of higher loads and speeds found in today’s lift truck industries. These wheels are able to dissipate the heat being generated through the load, the speed, or a combination of both.



Our tread formulation designed to achieve optimal ergonomic benefits, ErgoTread returns energy, reducing initial and continuous push pull force. ErgoTread also resists debris, is quieter, non marking and easy on flooring.


08200-85-19-100x100Soft Tread

The softest polyurethane we offer, 70A is designed for lighter loads, and ultimate floor protection and noise reduction.


08200-60-19-100x100Hard Tread

The hardest durometer polyurethane we offer, shore 70D, designed to maximize weight capacity. This extra hard polyurethane is ideal for heavy loads, it is non marking and wear resistant.


Precision ball bearings offer the lowest rolling resistance for ergonomic applications. These bearings are often referred to as “sealed for life” due to their being rubber seals on both sides. These bearings are capable of applications where towing up to 5 mph is present, please consult the factory.

These commercial bearings are used when a low cost anti-friction bearing is required, they provide excellent load carrying capacity, at an economical cost.

Tapered bearings are used in applications where towing and capacity are present. Tapered bearings do to their nature are adjusted tight at the factory to provide a preload thrust component to the wheel. Tapered bearings are not recommended for applications where there is a high amount of manual movement required.

Delrin bearings are a friction type bearing used in wet applications where light loads and infrequent movement is present.

Oilite bearings offer a low cost friction bearing where heat, moisture, infrequent movement or lighter loads are part of the application.


In-house test dynamometers, with sophisticated metering equipment, allow Caster Concepts to develop test parameters for product duty – life cycle profile testing and performance evaluations prior to delivery to the field.

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